Chemical Plant And Storage Tanks in New Zealand
Chemical Plant Project in South Africa                                                                         
Project introduction:
The company have many years of experience as a developer and manufacturer of modular tank systems up to fuel farms. backed by the experience which it has gained around the world we have for almost every customer a suitable solution in our range.
New Zealand
Product Value

Product Details
ASTM A333 GR.3 SMLS,ASTM A351 CF3M Swing Check Valve
Contract No.


All atmospheric tanks are constructed in accordance with UL58, UL-142 or API-650 specifications. Pressurized chemical tanks are manufactured to ASME code. Standard atmospheric tanks are fabricated from mild-carbon steel with flat-flanged heads. ASME vessels typically employ SA516 GR70 carbon steel and 2:1 elliptical heads.

All chemical storage tanks can be fabricated from 304 or 316 stainless-steel with L grades available as an option on pressurized tanks.All chemical storage tanks are available in horizontal and vertical construction. Aboveground or underground design and single-wall or double-wall construction is also available. Additionally, a wide range of interior and exterior linings and coatings are available to meet your site-specific needs. Multiple exterior insulation and product heating systems are available to help maintain proper product operating temperatures.

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