Stainless Hollow Section

Stainless Hollow Section

    Stainless steel as a material effectively decreases life cycle costs and offers excellent corrosion resistance as well as freedom from maintenance needs. The durable and sustainable, 100 % recyclable material is a perfect match for various industries needing light-weight, high-strength solutions.

    Grades: Austenitic, Duplex and Ferritic Stainless Steel.
    Product Standards: EN 10296-2, A312, A358, A778, A790, A928, Mill standards etc.
    Tolerances: According to requirements stated in the Product Standards.
    Surfaces: As welded, pickled, ground or polished (with the support of external service routes).

    Application of stainless hollow section
    The stainless steel hollow sections are mainly used for various application viz constructions, architectural designs, food & pharmaceutical industries, offshore & marine industries, metro trains, railways, bus body building, other public transportation, process machineries, nuclear plants, etc.

          Stainless Steel A554 Gr 409/409L                            Stainless Steel A554 Gr 316                                       Stainless Steel A554 Gr 202 

    Stainless Steel Square Hollow Sections offers a wide variety of features including high tensile strength, durability, corrosion resistant and cost-effective. These high strength materials are used in construction infrastructure and other engineering applications.

    The stainless steel hollow sections are available in various shapes, sizes, and thickness and are ranging from square, rectangular and circular cross-sections. These products are tested on various parameters including tensile strength, bending, flattening and drift expansion. These stainless steel hollow sections are made by finest quality raw materials and well-equipped machinery. These products are available in standard length and size and are also customized as per client's demand.

    Sizes Thickness(mm)
    mm 1.22 1.50 2.00
    20.00 X 20.00    
    25.00 X 25.00  
    25.40 X 25.40  
    30.00 X 30.00    
    40.00 X 40.00    
    50.00 X 50.00    
    Sizes Thickness(mm)
    mm 1.50
    20.00 X 10.00
    30.00 X 10.00
    30.00 X 15.00    
    30.00 X 20.00
    50.00 X 25.00
    EN 10296-2 Stainless Hollow SectionA312 Stainless Hollow Section

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