FBE Coating

FBE Coating

    Typical Standards & Specifications

    • CSA Z245.20 (2014)
    • ISO 21809-2 (2014)
    • NACE SP0394 (2013)
    • DEP (Shell 2011)
    • GS EP COR 222 (TOTAL)
    • AWWA C213 (2007)
    • Nominal Pipe Size: 4’’/114.3mm - 48’’/1219mm
    • Pipe Length : 6m - 18m

    Fusion Bonded Epoxy Powder Coating

    External fusion bonded epoxy coating (referred to as FBE coating) is a plant-applied epoxy-based powder coating system applied externally by electrostatic guns to provide excellent anti-corrosion protection for steel line pipes and fittings, intended primarily for buried or submerged service for water or oil and gas pipeline system with a moderate operating temperature, including single layer FBE coating, dual layer FBE coating systems and three-layer FBE coating systems.

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