Offshore Platforms in South Africa

Saudi Arabia Smart Shipyard Project

Petroleum Processing Projects in the UAE

Bridge Construction Projects in the UK

Civil Construction in the Philippines

Natural Gas Pipeline in Brazil

Sewage Treatment Projects in Malaysia

Australia Eli Ocean Project

Chemical Plant Construction Project in Chile

Newen construction project in Brazil

Iran Offshore Engineering

Singapore Water Treatment Project

Nigerian oil pipeline

Colombia Porvia Offshore Engineering

Spanish petrochemical plant project

Singapore lasvis construction project

Oil Transportation Pipeline Project in Iraq

Chemical smelting project in Algeria

Mikel Marine Project in Spain

Victor Municipal Drainage Project in the UK

Iran oil pipeline project

Civilian Water Supply Projects in Vietnam

Spanish grupo civil facilities construction project

Pipeline Projects in the UAE

Chemical plant project in Mexico

24″ & 12″ Pipeline & Pump Station Project

Pump Station Project

Infrastructure project construction in Jordan

Water Supply Treatment Plant Project in Poland

Petrochemical Complex Project in Uzbekistan

Chemical Plant And Storage Tanks in New Zealand

Chemical Plant Project in South Africa

Oil Pipeline Project in Pakistan

3rd Street Bridge Construction in Chile

Natural Gas Engineering in Nigeria

Sindico Wastewater Project in New Zealand

Britannic Water Treatment Company Qatar

Indaqua Water Project in Portugal

Odyssea Marine Project in Mexico

Anis Marinetime Project in Italy

Otto Marine Project in Singapore

Kane Construction Project in Australia

Crockett Civil Project in Colombia

Galfar Structures Project in Oman

Saudi Arabia Gas Pipeline

Mero Pipeline Project in Czech

Pipeline Bolivia Project

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