External Polyethylene Coating

External Polyethylene Coating

    Typical Standards & Specifications

    • CSA Z245.21 (2014)
    • DIN 30670 (2012)
    • ISO 21809-1 (2011)
    • ISO 21809-4 (2009)
    • NFA 49-710 (1992)
    • GB/T 23257 (Chinese 2009)
    • DEP (SHELL 2011)
    • GS EP COR 220 (TOTAL Rev.08)
    • Nominal Pipe Size: 4’’/114.3mm - 48’’/1219mm
    • Pipe Length : 6m - 18m

    Three Layer Polyethylene Coating (3LPE)

    External polyethylene coating is a plant-applied coating system applied externally to provide excellent anti-corrosion protection for steel line pipes and fittings, intended primarily for buried or submerged service for water or oil and gas pipeline system, including two-layer (2LPE) and three-layer (3LPE) coating systems, whereby a copolymer adhesive is interposed between a bare substrate or high performance fusion bonded epoxy and the outer layer of polyethylene which provides mechanical protection at moderate operating temperature.

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