Anis Marinetime Project in Italy
Anis Marinetime Project in Italy                                                                         
Project introduction:
in shipbuilding and ship repair markets, continuous search and development, mastering new technologies, highlyskilled workers, engineers and managers.


Product Value

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API 5L, L245 , 1219.2* 26.97

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This project used our company's high-quality seamless pipes.

Seamless steel pipes are pipes made from a single piece of steel by heating and drawing. Compared with welded steel pipes, they have the characteristics of no interfaces and no inner and outer yin and yang areas, so they are widely used in ship structures. Seamless steel pipes are mainly used in the following areas:

1.Hull structure manufacturing
The hull structure of a ship is usually composed of the keel, hull, ship plate, deck and other parts. Seamless steel pipes are mainly used for the manufacture and repair of ship plates, decks and other parts in the hull structure. They have the characteristics of high strength, corrosion resistance and can ensure the stability and safety of the hull.

2. Ship engine room field
Seamless steel pipes are also widely used in the field of ship engine rooms, mainly used in the manufacture of main engine water-cooling pipes, condensers, engine exhaust pipes, water pipes and other parts. Seamless steel pipes are increasingly favored by ship manufacturers because they have high strength and excellent pressure resistance and can ensure the normal operation of engine room equipment.

Advantages of seamless steel pipes in ship manufacturing
1. High intensity
Seamless steel pipes are made by heating, perforating and drawing a whole piece of steel. They have a uniform internal grain structure, high strength and good corrosion resistance. They can withstand various loads, vibrations and other effects of ships in complex maritime environments, ensuring that Hull stability and safety.

2. Corrosion resistance
Ships are susceptible to corrosion by seawater, sea air and other corrosive substances after long periods of immersion, wind and rain and other environmental effects at sea. Therefore, ship manufacturing materials need to be corrosion-resistant. Seamless steel pipes have good corrosion resistance and can well meet the needs of ships at sea.

3.Excellent compression resistance
Seamless steel pipes are made from a single piece of steel. The inner and outer surfaces are relatively smooth and the internal grain structure is uniform. It can well withstand high pressure, high temperature and other effects inside the ship, and is not easily deformed, ensuring the normal operation and safety of ship equipment.

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