Pipeline Projects in the UAE
Pipeline Projects in the UAE                                                                         
Project introduction:
The pipeline of the project crosses complex terrain, and the construction and maintenance of the pipeline are difficult. It is an important pipeline transportation system in the UAE



Product Value

Product Details
LSAW,API 5L,168.3* sch80

Contract No.



Construction of pipelines involves route survey, ditching or trenching, transporting the pipes(such as LSAW), fittings, and other materials to the site, stringing the pipes along the ditch, bending steel pipes in the field to suit local topography, applying coating and wrapping to steel pipes, joining pipes together either before or after they are lowered into the trench (this depends on the type of pipes used), checking for possible welding flaws or leakage at the joints, and then covering trenches by soil and restoration of the land to its original appearance. For long pipelines, construction is done in segments so that one segment of the pipeline is completed before construction proceeds to the next. This minimizes the time that any given place is disturbed by construction activities. Even for large pipelines, construction for any segment is usually completed within six months and often in much less time. Small pipelines can be constructed in days.

When a pipeline must cross a river or creek, the pipe can be either attached a to a bridge, laid on the streambed underwater, or bored through the ground underneath the river. Modern boring machines allow convenient pipeline crossing of rivers and roads

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