Saudi Arabia Gas Pipeline
Saudi Arabia Gas Pipeline                                                                         
Project introduction:
The construction of 24" x 47 km and 20"x 8,5 km, high pressure (600 psig), gas pipeline system in the Riyadh region of Saudi Arabia.


Saudi Arabia

Product Value

Product Details
SMLS, API 5L GR.B, 219*sch40
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Oil pipelines (also called pipelines and pipelines) are composed of oil pipes and their accessories. They are equipped with corresponding oil pump units according to the needs of the process flow, and are designed and installed into a complete pipeline system to complete the unloading and transportation of oil. Task.

The oil pipeline system, that is, the pipeline system used to transport oil and petroleum products, mainly consists of oil pipelines, oil stations and other auxiliary related equipment. It is one of the main equipment in the petroleum storage and transportation industry, and is also the most important equipment for crude oil and petroleum products. Transportation equipment: Compared with railway and road oil transportation, which are both land transportation methods, pipeline oil transportation has the characteristics of large transportation capacity, good sealing, low cost and high safety factor.

The pipe materials of oil pipelines are generally seamless steel pipes. Long-distance pipelines are connected using connecting devices such as welding and flanges, and valves are used for opening and closing control and flow regulation. Oil pipelines mainly have transportation processes such as isothermal transportation, heated transportation and sequential transportation. The corrosion of pipelines and how to prevent them are one of the important aspects of pipeline maintenance. Oil pipelines have become one of the main transportation tools for oil and still have considerable development potential in the future.

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