Water Treatment
Civilian Water Supply Projects in Vietnam
Project introduction:
Provide water pipelines, valves and technical support for government water supply projects around cities and towns, and solve the problems of water supply and irrigation in the area.                                                                                                  
Civilian Water Supply Projects in Vietnam

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Seamless pipe, ASTM A106,231* sch40
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For long-distance water transmission projects, the selection of pipe materials is very important. It is not only the key to ensuring the safety of the water supply system, but also the decision of the project cost and operating expenses. At present, the pipelines used for water transportation mainly include steel pipes, ductile iron pipes, prestressed steel cylinder concrete pipes and sand-filled glass steel pipes.

Design requirements for buried water pipelines:
①The pipe body should be placed on a good foundation, and a concrete or masonry pedestal should be set between the pipe body and the foundation;
② Do not place buried pipes on top of the dam body fill;
③Set expansion joints every 10~20m along the pipeline, and set waterstops in the joints;
④ The anti-seepage structure such as clay core wall or inclined wall should be properly thickened at the junction with the pipe, and the pipe should be backfilled with 1-2m thick impermeable soil material;
⑤ Set shut-off rings every 10-20m outside the pipeline to increase the seepage diameter along the surface of the pipeline and prevent concentrated seepage.

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