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Indaqua Water Project in Portugal
Indaqua Water Project in Portugal                                                                         
Project introduction:
Created to operate, essentially within the municipal concessions and public-private partnerships (PPPs), the Indaqua represents a clear bet in the environmental sector and in managing the water cycle.


Product Value

Product Details
SMLS. ASTM A106, 1"-6"*sch80
Contract No.


The project will increase drinking water production and improve the water supply system in the Lisbon region of Portugal. It will also assist the government with water sector restructuring and design and planning capabilities. It includes: (a) the construction of a pipeline from the Bodenberg reservoir to the Lisbon area and associated pumping and treatment facilities; (b) the expansion of the Lisbon area water supply system.

When using steel pipes for water supply equipment construction, you need to pay attention to the following points:
1. Select appropriate steel pipe specifications and materials (such as SMLS. ASTM A106, 1"-6"*sch80) to meet the requirements for water supply equipment operation.
2. Ensure the installation and connection quality of steel pipes to prevent water leakage and pressure relief.
3. Regularly inspect and maintain steel pipes to detect and deal with various problems in a timely manner.
4. Steel pipes will undergo certain corrosion and loss during long-term use and need to be replaced in time.
5. When carrying out steel pipe construction, it is necessary to have the guidance of professional and technical personnel and comply with relevant safety production standards.

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