Production line and equipment
Nansteel Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.has four types of units: MPM, PQF, ASSEL, and REM. The continuous mandrel rolling process and the pusher table process have a size range of approximately 21 to 178 mm in outer diameter. For a multi-frame plug mill (MPM) with a controlled (constrained) floating mandrel rod, the size range of the plug milling process is approximately. The outer diameter is 140 to 406 mm. The dimensions of the cross-roll piercing and Pilger rolling process range from approximately 250 to 660 mm in outer diameter.

It rolls a strip or plate, and then welds the pipe to the steel pipe by HF welding or submerged arc welding. The welding pipe making machine is composed of decoiler, straightening machine, butt welding machine, loop, straightening machine and high frequency equipment. Our innovative production line and each unit of the production line are not only economical but also practical. The complete production line adopts ZTF technology when producing round tubes, and customers should reduce processing costs by 60%.

Introduction of testing equipment
The entire production line is equipped with advanced and complete online testing, control, sampling, sample preparation and testing equipment. The test data is transmitted by the computer system to the relevant production units for production control to meet the quality requirements of users for high-end products.
The hot rolling line is equipped with online piece-by-piece length measuring and weighing devices, tube-by-piece temperature measuring instrument, capillary outer diameter, length, temperature measurement system, capillary temperature measurement before continuous rolling, continuous rolling mill automatic detection of rolling force, roll gap Large and small system, the full length of the steel pipe wall thickness measurement, diameter measurement, temperature measurement and length measurement system after the pipe stripping machine, the temperature measurement system before and after the sizing, and the post sizing and length measurement system. These inspection systems ensure the product quality of each steel pipe's wall thickness accuracy and outer diameter accuracy.

Magnetic Flux Leakage Ultrasonic Flaw Detector            600t Flattening Test Machine                               Hydraulic Testing Machine

    Thread Single Parameter Calibrator                                       Stress Ring                                         High Temperature Creep Endurance Testing Machine

The steel pipe heat treatment and finishing line is equipped with magnetic flux leakage flaw detector, ultrasonic flaw detector, pipe end magnetic particle flaw detector, online hardness testing machine, etc. The key quality inspection equipment is imported from abroad, which can detect various quality defects such as vertical and horizontal steel pipes and delamination.
The inspection and testing equipment can meet the requirements of API 5CT/5L, ASTM, DIN, GB and other standards for sample processing and inspection of hot-rolled seamless steel pipes. Sample processing and inspection requirements.

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