Chemical smelting project in Algeria
Chemical smelting project in Algeria  
Project introduction:
The project smelts the exploited oil and natural gas resources, and changes the composition, properties and state of substances by means of chemical or physical processes to make them into a variety of high-value products.
Product Value

Product Details
Seamless pipeASTM A192,SCH40,Butterfly Valve
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The main uses of seamless pipe in chemical processing facilities include the following:
1. Transporting chemical fluids: Seamless pipes can withstand extreme conditions such as high temperature and high pressure, so they are suitable for transporting various chemical fluids, such as acids, alkalis, solvents, etc. At the same time, because its inner wall is smooth, it is not easy for substances to adhere, ensuring the purity of the fluid.

2. Cooling and heating media: Seamless pipes are often used as conductive pipes for cooling and heating media in chemical processing facilities. Its high thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance allow it to effectively transfer heat and meet the facility's temperature control requirements.

3. Storage and transportation of gases: Seamless pipes are also commonly used to store and transport gases in chemical processing facilities. It has the characteristics of good sealing and strong pressure resistance, which can ensure the safe storage and transportation of gas.

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