What is the technicality of hot-expanded seamless steel pipe forming?

The specifications and models of thermally expanded seamless steel pipes are limited in thermally deformed steel pipe plants. According to the needs of customers, the heat-deformed seamless steel pipe is developed. The specifications and specifications of the thermally deformed straight seam steel pipe are arbitrary. They are generally manufactured according to the customer's requirements. Heat-deformed seamless steel pipe is a kind of heat-deformed seamless steel pipe with low relative density and strong collapsibility. Seamless tube) can be called thermally deformed tube. A type of seamless steel pipe used to thermally expand the pipe diameter according to the cross-rolling or drawing expansion.

Heat-expanded seamless steel pipe is a combination of cone die expansion technology, large digital high frequency electromagnetic induction heating technology and hydraulic press technology. Effective technology, low energy consumption, low investment in capital construction projects, good product quality, complete raw materials and product models, flexible production and many changes, and low capital investment. Large-scale adaptability replaces the traditional drawing and expanding technology of seamless steel pipe manufacturing industry. Because the supply of large-diameter steel pipes cannot be solved recently, hot-deformed seamless steel pipes have become a key commodity source for dealing with the shortage of large-diameter steel pipes. Alleviate the tight situation in the sales market for large-diameter steel pipes

As the broadening of the main tasks of the smelter's pipe rolling, it uses the "medium frequency induction heating, hydraulic press promotion" pipe expansion process. Heat-expanded seamless steel pipes have received five-star praise in the industry due to their complete specifications and models, high quality, convenient supply, high quality and low price.

Tips: ASTM A53 seamless steel pipe refers to the American standard steel pipe grade. A53-F corresponds to domestic q235 material, A53-A corresponds to domestic 10# material, and A53-B corresponds to domestic 20# material.


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