What is the role and purpose of the seamless steel tube fully annealed and incompletely annealed?

Heat treatment method of seamless steel pipe (eg:ASTM A53): complete annealing and incomplete annealing

The effect of complete annealing

①Refine the grain
②Eliminate Widmanstatten organization and band structure
③Reduce hardness and increase plasticity, which is beneficial to cutting
④Eliminate internal stress
⑤For castings, coarse crystals can be eliminated, and impact toughness, plasticity and strength can be improved

Application and description of complete annealing

①Small and medium-sized castings, forgings and hot-rolled steels used for Asian joint folding steel
②Preparation heat treatment for hypoeutectoid steel
③Cannot be used for hypereutectoid steel, otherwise it will form network carbides and reduce its toughness
④Full annealing is used for large castings and forgings. Due to stre ss, it is easy to cause deformation and cracking, so stress should be eliminated in time

The effect of incomplete annealing

①Reduce hardness, increase plasticity, improve machinability and eliminate internal stress
②Get spherical pearlite

Application and description of incomplete annealing

①Used for hypereutectoid steel without network carbide structure, rarely used for hypoeutectic steel
②Preparation heat treatment for high carbon steel and bearing steel
When there are network carbides in the over-precipitation high carbon steel, normalizing must be used to eliminate them before incomplete annealing


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