Causes of corrosion of pressure vessels

With the continuous upgrading of the manufacturing industry, more and more pressure vessels have entered people's work applications. Pressure vessel is a kind of airtight vessel that can withstand pressure. It has an important position and role in many sectors such as industry, civil, military, and many fields of scientific research, especially in the chemical industry and petrochemical industry. Corrosion of pressure vessels is a very common phenomenon. The main factors affecting the corrosion of pressure vessels can be summarized as follows:

1. External environmental reasons: pressure vessels carry many types of reagents, and the cost of the substances contained is high. A small amount of corrosive materials, such as acidic materials, alkaline materials, etc., will inevitably be mixed with these components. These components are very likely to cause the appearance of pressure vessels. Corrosion phenomenon. Corrosion effects on pressure vessels caused by external environmental factors are in various forms: pressure vessels are corroded during application, and the increase in internal pressure will play an obvious catalytic effect, speed up the corrosion reaction, and worsen the corrosion problem; pressure vessels The temperature will accelerate the reaction speed; the internal acid-base environment will catalyze the corrosion reaction speed.

2. Material characteristic factors: the corrosion rate will be interfered by the crystal structure density and oxidizing properties of the surface metal. The higher the crystal structure density, the rougher the surface, the larger the crystal pores, the easier the service material will penetrate, and the more likely the corrosion reaction will occur; When using a pressure vessel, if the internal pressure is too large and internal calcination and other phenomena, the internal pressure is very strong at this time, it may cause the pressure vessel to change, and then cause the corrosion reaction. If H2S appears inside the vessel at this time, the vessel is extremely Corrosive damage may occur; if the composition of the pressure vessel material is disordered, the electrochemical corrosion reaction speed will be accelerated. In a pressure vessel with messy composition, it is easy to meet the reaction requirements of the galvanic battery. If inert materials appear inside, the metal corrosion rate will be accelerated.

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