Guide to Choosing Colored Stainless Steel Sheets: Surface, Coating, & Protection

Stainless steel products are increasingly used in applications. When processing stainless steel products, stainless steel pipes and stainless steel plates are widely used. Stainless steel plates are used relatively frequently, and with the increase in people's needs, the colors are becoming more and more abundant. So what are the things to pay attention to when buying stainless steel colored plates?

1. Observe the metal surface

Since colored stainless steel plates are mainly used for architectural decoration, the decorative appearance is particularly important. When consumers inspect products, they must strictly check whether there are color differences, scratches, trachoma, peeling off of surface watermarks and other problems.

2. Determine the surface coloring process

The coloring process of stainless steel is also one of the important factors that determine the price. Compared with the vacuum plating and coloring process, the color obtained by water plating and coloring process is due to the use of chemical solution immersion. The difference is that the bonding force between the vacuum plating film layer and the workpiece surface is greater, the hardness of the film layer is higher, and the wear resistance and wear resistance are higher. The corrosion resistance is better, and the performance of the film layer is also more stable, such as colored stainless steel titanium plates, and the golden surface of water-plated titanium plates gives the impression that it is sprayed on; vacuum electroplating coatings will not produce toxic or polluting substances. Water plating will produce wastewater pollution. Compared with vacuum ion plating, the color is not as pure and crusting will occur, but the price is much cheaper than vacuum plating.

However, whether it is a colored stainless steel plate material or a coloring process, it is generally difficult to distinguish it with the naked eye. It requires professionals with rich experience to distinguish the quality. Therefore, you must be sure when choosing to purchase colored stainless steel plate decorative materials. Find a professional and reputable processing factory to purchase, and do not delay the decoration project for the sake of petty gains.

3. Protective film quality

A protective film is usually attached to the surface of the colored stainless steel plate to ensure the smoothness of the surface and avoid being scratched by hard objects. If a low-quality protective film is left for a long time, it will become powdery and difficult to tear, or a lot of glue will stick to the surface after tearing.

When inspecting the goods, customers can tear off a relatively large area to check the quality of the film; and after the decoration project is installed, the film should be removed as soon as possible, especially for outdoor decoration projects. It is best to tear it off immediately after installation. Film.

4. Determine the materials

Commonly used colored stainless steel plate materials on the market are 201, 304, 316 and other models. Among these models, 316 has the best corrosion resistance, while the worst is 201, and the price difference is larger. Therefore, some bad companies usually use 201 instead of 304 and 316. Some companies will use vacuum coating coloring process instead of vacuum ion plating coloring process, which will lead to surface fading, rusting and even cracking problems. Therefore, during the purchase and inspection process, it is necessary to strictly check whether the material of the plate is the one agreed upon at the beginning, and different materials of stainless steel can be distinguished by testing chemicals.

Since stainless steel plates are used in many building decoration projects, it is particularly important to learn how to identify the quality of stainless steel plates. It is best to follow these aspects introduced above, especially in terms of stainless steel plate manufacturers, etc. We must be more vigilant to ensure that the purchased The stainless steel plates are reasonably priced and the quality is guaranteed.

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