Difficulties in the construction of steel sheet piles

Some difficulties are often encountered in the construction of steel sheet piles, and the following methods are often used to solve them:

①In the process of piling, sometimes large rocks or other unknown obstacles are encountered, resulting in insufficient driving depth of steel sheet piles, and corner piles or arc piles are used to bypass obstacles.

②The steel sheet piles are prone to deflection due to the different magnitudes of lateral extrusion forces such as rocks in the mud or other unknown obstacles during the extrusion process in the muddy section. Take the following measures to correct the deviation.At the deflected position, pull up the steel sheet pile by 1.0m to 2.0m, and then hammer it down. Vibrating and pulling up and down several times in this way can break or displace obstacles such as large stones, correct the position of the steel sheet pile, and reduce the inclination of the steel sheet pile.

③ When the inclination of the steel sheet pile along the axis is large, special-shaped piles are used to correct it. The special-shaped pile is generally a sheet pile with a width larger or smaller than the standard width. The special-shaped pile can be welded according to the actual inclination. When the inclination is small, the pile can be reversely pulled by a winch or a hoist and a steel cable and then hammered.

④Because the silt foundation is soft, sometimes the adjacent piles will be brought in during construction. The measure adopted is to weld several adjacent piles together, and apply butter and other lubricants on the connection locks of the piles to reduce resistance.

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