What are the methods to control the scars of galvanized seamless steel pipes?

Following these measures can effectively control the scars of galvanized seamless steel pipes:

(1) The particle size of the deoxidizer powder is generally about 16 mesh.

(2) According to the inner surface area of the galvanized seamless steel pipe, the spray amount of deoxidizer is generally 1.5-2.0g/dm². The amount of deoxidizer has different requirements for pipes of different diameters and lengths.

(3) The purge time is adjusted according to the straightness and length of the pipeline, and the standard is that there is no suspended metal oxide in the pipeline that needs to be blown out again.

(4) The lubrication effect of the core rod is not good or the lubrication temperature of the core rod is too low, which will cause internal scabs. In order to increase the temperature of the mandrel, a water cooling method can be used.

(5) The content of sodium stearate in the deoxidizer should be greater than 12%, so that it can burn fully in the inner cavity of the galvanized seamless steel pipe.

(6) Strictly control the temperature of the mandrel to ensure that the surface temperature of the mandrel before spraying the lubricant is 80-120°C, and the temperature of the mandrel cannot exceed 120°C for a long time to ensure that the mandrel on the lubricated surface is dry and dense Before the puncture. The operator should always check the lubrication of the spindle.

(7) The nozzle height should be adjusted according to the diameter of the galvanized seamless steel pipe to ensure good straightening. The nozzles are cleaned once per shift. When the machine is shut down for a long time, take out the nozzles for cleaning. In order to ensure the uniform cleaning of the deoxidizer on the inner wall of the pipeline, an optional device is used at the position where the deoxidizer is blown off, and is equipped with a rotating air pressure.

(8) The injection pressure should match the diameter and length of the pipeline to ensure strong purging and sufficient combustion. The airflow of the galvanized seamless steel pipe should not blow away the unfinished oxide scavenger.

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