What should be paid attention to when cutting cold drawn steel pipe?

6-meter pipes usually need to be reprocessed, the most common is cutting, so what should be paid attention to when cutting cold drawn steel pipes?

When manufacturers produce cold drawn steel pipes, they usually have a fixed length of 6 meters. In fact, a part of the customer's use process is to cut cold drawn steel pipes according to the length requirements. But how to choose the cutting method? It depends on the customer's requirements for cutting pipes.

The following are several cutting methods and their advantages and disadvantages

1. The cutting of the grinding wheel cutting machine. The advantages are simple and easy to operate, fast speed, and cheap equipment. The disadvantages are many burrs, inaccurate cutting dimensions, high noise and sparks. It is most commonly used in general thin-walled tubes.

2. Cutting with water mill saw blade cutting machine. The advantage is that the accuracy is relatively high, the opening is basically free of burrs, and the incision does not change color. The disadvantage is that the saw blade is regularly sharpened and the saw blade is easily damaged. This kind of water mill saw blade cutting machine has manual operation and automatic cutting, and most factories or processing units purchase such cutting machines for use.

3. Wire cutting, plasma cutting, laser cutting, etc. Wire cutting has good accuracy but slow speed. Plasma cutting and laser cutting are suitable for high-precision cutting, with high accuracy, expensive equipment and high cost.

Tips: The ASTM A500 specification covers cold-formed welded and seamless carbon steel tubing in round, square, rectangular, and “special” shapes for welded, riveted, or bolted construction applications, as well as for general structural purposes.

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