Diameter measuring method of seamless steel pipe

Seamless steel pipes(a53 grade) are perforated from whole round steel, and steel pipes without welds on the surface are called seamless steel pipes. Steel pipe is an important product in the steel industry, with many applications, and there are also many types of steel pipes, such as seamless steel pipes.

The seamless steel pipe has a large diameter of 900mm and a small diameter of 4mm. According to different uses, there are thick-walled seamless steel pipes and thin-walled seamless steel pipes. Seamless steel pipes are mainly used as petroleum geological drilling pipes, petrochemical cracking pipes, boiler pipes, bearing pipes, and high-precision structural steel pipes for automobiles, tractors, and aviation. So, how to measure the diameter of seamless steel pipe?

Measuring instrument: a dual-axis diameter gauge with adjustable measuring range.

The equipment can continuously roll seamless steel, Pilger rolled seamless steel, longitudinally welded pipe, spiral welded pipe, etc. It can be directly installed on the production line for online measurement, or installed on the flaw detection line and inspection line to measure the outer diameter of the finished pipe. 

The equipment has two sets of adjustable double-sided heads in the built-in measuring range. The adjustment of the measuring range is automatically realized by the servo motor. After the adjustment is completed, the measurement accuracy can be guaranteed without calibration. The equipment can be equipped with external circulation cooling system, duckbill side-blowing dust-proof system, embedded intelligent module, host computer control system and external LED display, etc., and can transmit data to the network database, and view the data in real time through mobile phones or computers. According to requirements, the lower part of the equipment can be equipped with an automatic height adjustment platform to automatically adjust the height of the measurement center. 

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