Production method and detailed process of hot-rolled high-pressure seamless pipe

The production process of hot-rolled high-pressure seamless pipe is to pierce and roll a solid pipe billet or steel ingot into a seamless pipe that meets the product standard. The whole process has the following two deformation processes:

①Perforation—that is, the solid tube blank is pierced and rolled into a hollow capillary tube. There are three common tube piercing methods: cross-rolling piercing (two-roll, Discher and three-roll), pressure piercing and push-rolling piercing (PPM). In addition, the hollow tube blank is obtained directly by centrifugal casting, continuous casting and electroslag remelting, and the perforation process is omitted.

②Rolled tube-is a waste tube that is rolled into a hollow capillary tube close to the finished size. Common pipe rolling methods include automatic pipe rolling mills, continuous pipe rolling mills (full floating MM, limited moving mandrel MPM), Pilger pipe rolling mills (periodical pipe rolling mills), three-roll pipe rolling mills, and Discher In the production of high-pressure seamless pipes such as pipe rolling mills, pipe jacks and steel hot extrusion machines, different types of pipe rolling mills are selected according to different product specifications and production capacity requirements. When using different types of rolling mills to roll high-pressure seamless pipes, due to the different conditions such as the motion conditions, stress state conditions, pass deformation, and productivity of the rolled piece, it must be equipped with piercings that match the deformation and productivity. And other front and back process equipment, so different tube rolling mills constitute the corresponding high-pressure seamless tube hot-rolling unit. Hot-rolled seamless steel pipe units are classified according to the type of pipe rolling mills. The currently commonly used production method of hot-rolled high-pressure seamless pipe. The specific name of a unit is expressed by the maximum specification of the high-pressure steel pipe produced by the unit and the type of the rolling mill. For example, the 140 automatic tube rolling mill, that is, the maximum outer diameter of the high pressure steel pipe produced by the mill is Φ140mm, and the tube rolling model is an automatic tube rolling mill. In the same example, there are 140 continuous tube rolling mills, 133 tube jacking mills, and 318 periodic tube rolling mills. The high-pressure seamless pipe hot extrusion unit uses the maximum extrusion force or product specification range of the extruder to indicate its model. For example, the 3150 extrusion steel pipe unit, that is, the maximum extrusion force of the extruder is 3150t.

In the hot-rolled high-pressure seamless steel pipe(astm a106) mill, in order to improve the product quality and expand the product specification range of the mill, it is usually necessary to install a leveling machine, a sizing machine, a reducing machine or an expanding machine behind the tube rolling mill equipment.

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