How much pressure can large-diameter thick-walled straight seam steel pipes withstand?

Large-diameter thick-walled straight seam steel pipes are distinguished from small-diameter steel pipes. In fact, large-diameter steel pipes are mainly used in the pipeline industry, and these are used for work on some construction sites. Large-diameter steel pipes have a relatively large diameter and are resistant to corrosion. They are most suitable for important occasions such as liquid transportation. Now we have discovered a more serious problem in the sales process, that is, the stress of large-diameter steel pipes, that is, how much pressure it carries. This is a concern for customers. We can probably see from the hardness of the large-diameter steel pipe that the pressure it bears should not be small. How about the specifics? We can calculate it according to the relevant calculation formula:

Generally, large-diameter steel pipes bearing pressure of 300-500 kg should be no problem, but the pressure varies with different specifications. Here is a formula for you to calculate, the yield point of large-diameter steel pipes: 255 elongation: 21 impact work: 35 pressure: P=2SR/D (P=test pressure, S=nominal wall thickness of steel pipe, D=nominal outer diameter of steel pipe, R=allowable stress)

Pressure-bearing formula of large-diameter steel pipe

Below we select an actual case to illustrate DN=10MM, the wall thickness is 3mm.

Suppose the tensile strength of the material is σ, the pressure is P, and the outer diameter of the tube is D;

Pipe wall thickness δ=(P*D)/(2*σ/S)

Where S is the safety factor;

Because P is less than 7MPa, S selects S=8; P is less than 17.5MPa, S selects S=6; P is greater than 17.5MPa, S selects S=4;

We choose the safety factor as S=6; choose 20 steel with a tensile strength of 410MPa,

So the pressure that the pipe can withstand



=26.25MPa>set 17.5

It can be seen that the bearing capacity of large-diameter steel pipes is relatively large, and it is a good choice to install pipes on general buildings and underground burying.

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