How To Check Qualified Seamless Steel Pipe

A steel pipe made of a single piece of metal with no seams on the surface is called a seamless steel pipe. Commonly used seamless steel pipe include ASTM A106 seamless steel pipe, ASTM A53 seamless steel pipe, API 5CT seamless steel pipe, etc. Everyone knows that the application range of seamless steel pipe is getting larger and larger, so the purchase volume of seamless steel pipes is also very amazing! Then how to check whether the seamless steel pipe is qualified? What tests are required before leaving the factory?

How to check whether the seamless steel pipe is qualified?
1. Check if the composition of the steel is uniform. Because of the inferior seamless steel pipe, there are more impurities in the pipeline, and the density of the steel is smaller. Once we found that the composition of the pipeline is confusing from the section of the pipeline, then this must be a qualified seamless steel pipe.
2. It is the inferior seamless steel pipe, the size deviation is very serious. Therefore, we can use vernier calipers to check the size of each part of the steel pipe to see if it meets the standard of seamless steel pipe. If there is no vernier caliper, we can check the steel pipe.
 3. Inferior quality seamless steel tubes, the inner diameter size fluctuates greatly, but qualified seamless steel tubes, the inner diameter size is also very stable.

Which tests are required for seamless steel pipe before leaving the factory?
1. The delivery status of seamless steel tubes is generally delivered after heat treatment in a hot-rolled state. After the quality inspection, the hot-rolled seamless steel pipe must be strictly hand-selected by the staff. Every step is perfected and perfected.
2. After the quality inspection, the surface should be oiled, and then followed by multiple cold drawing experiments, after hot rolling treatment, the experiment of perforation should be carried out.
3. After straightening, it is transferred to the flaw detector by the conveyor to perform the flaw detection experiment. This step is also essential, and then the label is attached, the specifications are arranged, and then placed in the warehouse. Through this series of steps, in order to better ensure the quality of seamless steel tubes before leaving the factory.

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