How to choose the right oil cracking pipe?

Generally speaking, the appropriate petroleum cracking steel pipe should be selected from the three aspects of performance, economy and working conditions.

1. Performance—refers to process performance and mechanical performance, and is also the most important factor in material selection. The selected petroleum cracking seamless pipe must meet the product process performance requirements, the quality of the material process performance, and the difficulty of parts processing. Production efficiency and production costs play a pivotal role. The basic processing methods of petroleum cracking pipe include cutting processing, pressure processing, welding performance and heat treatment. Several important performance factors should be considered in the selection of steel grades for petroleum cracking pipes, and then suitable steel grades should be selected for standby.

2. Economical—The selected materials should meet economic requirements. Under the premise of meeting the performance and quality of the parts, attention should be paid to the economics of materials. For the design and selection of materials, the premise of the economics of food stores is accurate calculation results, according to the stress, temperature, and corrosion resistance of the parts used. Choose suitable materials instead of simply pursuing a certain index. Those that can use carbon structural steel do not need alloy steel, those that can use low alloy steel do not need high-alloy steel, and those that can use ordinary steel do not need stainless heat-resistant steel; Imported products are not required for national standard products. This is more important for large-volume projects. In addition, the cost of material processing should also be considered, and the new technology of no cutting or less cutting should be adopted.

3. Working conditions-the selected petroleum cracking steel pipe material must meet the working conditions of product parts. Choosing appropriate petroleum cracking pipe materials to meet the requirements of the working conditions of product parts is another important consideration when selecting materials. Because the performance of the material is the main factor that determines the use value and working life of the product parts. The service properties of petroleum cracking pipe materials include mechanical properties and physical and chemical properties (referred to as physical and chemical properties). Mechanical properties mainly include strength, stiffness, elasticity, plasticity, toughness, hardness, etc., and physical and chemical properties mainly include density, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, magnetism, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. Various mechanical products, due to their different uses and working conditions, naturally have different requirements for their components. The specific surface is different in load size, form and nature, stress state, working temperature, and environmental medium. For different conditions, choose the most suitable petroleum cracking pipe product.


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