How to identify inferior seamless steel pipes from the appearance?

Because of the high cost performance of seamless steel pipes(astm a106 gr b), there are more and more low-quality seamless steel pipes on the market. Consumers will buy fake and inferior seamless steel pipes if they do not pay attention, causing unnecessary losses.

There are many ordinary steel pipes or inferior seamless steel pipes on the market to pretend to be qualified seamless steel pipes. Many customers have not only brought a lot of troubles to their own production and use after purchasing such pipelines, but also brought considerable losses. Therefore, when we buy seamless steel pipes, we must master some basic identification methods to ensure that we are buying qualified seamless steel pipes.

There are many ways to identify seamless steel pipes. The first one is to identify them by appearance. If the steel pipe you buy has pitting on the surface, it must not be a qualified seamless steel pipe. Because seamless steel pipes have very sophisticated production technology, in order to pursue higher profits, seamless steel pipes of inferior quality often use rolling grooves to roll pipes. This will cause serious friction between the groove and the pipe. As a result, some irregular irregularities appear on the surface of the pipeline.

Secondly, it is the inferior seamless steel pipe with no metallic luster on the surface. Instead, it appears a light red, or a color similar to pig iron. High-quality pipes are different, because such pipes have undergone some anti-oxidation treatments. This makes the surface of the pipe, with a protective film, looks very shiny.

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