How to improve the production process of thermal expansion seamless pipe?

Thermal expansion seamless pipes are more and more common in our daily life. With the increase in market demand, many factories are becoming more and more competitive. For the continuous innovation of processing technology, we need to keep up with it and do better in order to seize the market. Now let's talk about how to improve the production process of thermally expanded seamless steel pipes?

Development and application technology of thermal expansion seamless pipe:

Structural optimization and integrated construction of logistics, energy flow and information flow network for thermally expanded seamless pipes through iron and steel technology, key interface matching involves model optimization and key technologies for long blast furnace-converter process and short waste electric furnace process, secondary energy Conversion, low-quality waste heat recovery and utilization, to optimize low-carbon green production and steel production processes.

Heat-expandable seamless pipes are generally based on surface anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation. Some construction environments are relatively poor during construction, and the anti-corrosion status of thermally expanded seamless pipes has also been tested. In the production of heat-expandable seamless pipes, attention should also be paid to the construction environment. If the environment is very harsh, the thermal expansion seamless pipe should be transformed, then what are the requirements for the thermal expansion seamless pipe in the anti-corrosion construction?

1. Before rust removal, the burrs, flux skin, weld bead, spatter, dust, oxide skin, etc. on the surface should be cleaned up, and the loose oxide skin and thick rust layer should be removed together.

2. When there is acid, alkali or salt on the surface of the thermally expanded seamless pipe, it can be washed with hot water or steam. But pay attention to the treatment of waste water to avoid polluting the environment.

3. Some newly rolled steel pipes undergo anti-corrosion treatment in a short period of time to prevent corrosion during storage and transportation. If the protective paint is a two-component paint cured by a curing agent, and the coating is basically intact, it can be treated with emery cloth, stainless steel tube velvet or light spraying, and then the next process is carried out after dust removal.

4. If there is any oil stain on the surface of the thermally expanded seamless pipe, it should be cleaned up before rust removal. If only a local area has oil and grease, a local treatment method can generally be selected; when a large area or full cleaning is required, organic solvent or hot alkali cleaning can be used.

5. The surface treatment of processed parts and finished products can only be carried out after acceptance.

Tips: Thermal expansion seamless is a processing method of steel pipes, which is to process small-diameter steel pipes into large-diameter steel pipes. The mechanical properties of hot-expanded seamless pipes are slightly worse than that of hot-rolled steel pipes, and the hot-expanded seamless pipes specifications are expressed in mm of outer diameter * wall thickness.


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