Inside and outside plastic coated steel pipes for water circulation system pipes

Central air-conditioning water circulation system pipelines are prone to scaling and corrosion if common steel pipes are used. The resulting rust deposits will cause the heat transfer rate to decrease, increase energy consumption and increase operating costs; at the same time, it will increase unit operating load and reduce unit life. The inner and outer coated steel pipes are corrosion resistant and non-scaling.

The plastic coating has low thermal conductivity, heat preservation and energy saving; luxurious appearance, strong decoration, low water resistance; convenient installation, safe and reliable connection, no leakage; good heat resistance and aging resistance, and can reach 120℃ as a hot water pipe. The characteristics of plastic-coated composite steel pipe: It not only has the strength of steel pipe, but also has the advantages of plastic pipe corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and low fluid resistance. It is a new type of water supply and anticorrosion pipeline.

Introduction to the production process of inner and outer plastic coated steel pipes:

  1. Before blasting and removing rust, the steel pipe should be preheated to remove moisture, and the preheating temperature is 40℃60℃;

  2. The depth of the anchor pattern on the surface of the steel pipe is 40μm100μm;

  3. The rust and dust remaining on the surface of the steel pipe should be removed;

  4. Spraying should be carried out within 4h after surface pretreatment.

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