Understand the mechanical properties of seamless pipe materials

 Understanding seamless pipes, we first need to understand the mechanical properties of this pipe material. The mechanical properties of seamless pipes are very stable, so they can be widely used.

Generally, seamless pipes must be tested for mechanical properties before they go out on the field. In this way, the mechanical properties of seamless pipes are tested whether they are qualified. On the whole, we should be able to basically see that seamless pipes are The tensile strength is very high, not only the tensile strength, the yield point is also a problem that must be paid attention to when leaving the factory.

Seamless pipes with different calibers have very different specific areas of use. Generally speaking, seamless pipes with large diameters are generally used for pipeline transportation, while seamless pipes with small diameters are generally used in It is more used in the construction and machinery fields. When the seamless pipe factory chooses seamless pipe, it also considers this situation. Generally, it will conduct a market survey and then conduct production, so that the seamless pipe can be The market space is broader.

In Oil and Gas, ASTM A53 pipes are used in the structural and non-critical applications. They are not used in hydrocarbon services or any services that involve pressure and temperature.


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