Advantages and uses of plastic-coated composite steel pipe

Plastic-coated composite steel pipes are also called plastic-coated steel pipes. Plastic-coated steel pipes are based on steel pipes and use plastic powder as the coating material. The inner surface is melt-coated with a plastic layer, and the outer surface is coated with a plastic layer. Or steel-plastic composite products with anti-corrosion layer of other materials. This product is a newly developed new type of pipeline material. It adopts a composite structure of reinforced welded steel pipes or seamless pressure-bearing steel pipes with a plastic coating inside and outside, which overcomes the easy rust, corrosion and high pollution of the steel pipe itself. , And the defects of low strength and easy deformation of plastic pipes, it integrates the common advantages of steel pipes and plastic products. Plastic-coated steel pipes not only have the advantages of high strength, easy connection, and resistance to water impact, but also overcome the corrosion of steel pipes when exposed to water. , Pollution, scaling, low strength of plastic pipes, poor fire-fighting performance and other shortcomings, the design life can be up to 50 years. The main disadvantage is that it is not allowed to be bent during installation, and when thermal processing and electric welding cutting are performed, the cutting surface should be brushed with the non-toxic normal temperature curing glue provided by the manufacturer. The main specifications are DN15-DN300.

  The plastic-coated steel pipe is a red modified epoxy resin powder coated inside and outside the pipe. It takes steel pipe as the base pipe, and adopts sandblasting chemical double pretreatment, preheating, internal and external coating, curing, post-treatment and other processes to produce a new type of pipe. The rust and scaling problems of the buried galvanized steel pipe and the water delivery are dealt with, and the signs of suffocation and spraying of the pipeline will not occur, and the service life of the fire water supply pipeline is improved.

  In order to beautify the city, create a common path, eliminate the maintenance workload of overhead lines, and improve the robustness of power supply. The method of laying through pipes has been widely accepted over the years. The use of plastic-coated steel pipes for laying cables is simple in construction and convenient for maintenance. Plastic-coated steel pipes used for cable maintenance pipes have many advantages such as good rigid performance, high compressive strength, and good corrosion resistance. The use of weather-resistant or soil environment-specific polyethylene powder with wear-resistant factors as the outer anti-corrosion coating, and the inner coating of strong rubber polyethylene consumes plastic-coated steel pipe cable maintenance pipes. It is a quality upgrade product of traditional cable maintenance pipes.

  The plastic-coated steel pipe has good overall performance, and can probably play a very good protective and anti-aging effect on cables and optical cables. It is especially suitable for use under shallow buried roads, bridges and rivers, exposed, and tight corrosion.

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