Precautions for using straight seam steel pipe

For the installation and use of straight seam steel pipes, there are strict technical requirements, which must be carried out according to actual conditions and operating procedures to ensure safety and quality. In the daily use process, the straight seam steel pipe needs to pay attention to the following points:

1. Construction preparation before use of straight seam steel pipe

To excavate the pipe trench and complete the pipe well bricklaying, all kinds of straight seam steel pipes are in place, and all kinds of tools are needed, including electric welders, cutting machines, electric hammers, polishing machines, etc. All are fully prepared. Only after a series of preparations are completed, the installation can begin.

2. Straight seam steel pipe installation

According to the design of the drawing, the pipeline is positioned, the pipe rack is prefabricated according to the site situation, and then the material is cut according to the design and the site. Then polish the groove with a polishing machine, and finally perform welding.

3. Use quality requirements
① The branch pipe should not be welded at the weld, and the weld should be avoided at the elbow.
②The deviation per meter of the vertical installation of the vertical pipe should be less than 3 mm, and the deviation of the horizontal installation should be less than 1 mm.
③The welding seam is required to be straight and full, without burning through and cracks on the surface of the welding seam.

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