Method for preventing wear of large-diameter seamless steel pipe

The packaging of large-diameter seamless steel pipes should be able to prevent slack and damage during all normal handling, handling, transportation and storage.
If the buyer has special requirements for the packaging materials and packaging methods of large-diameter seamless steel pipes, they shall be indicated in the agreement; if not, the packaging materials and packaging methods shall be selected by the supplier.

Packaging materials should be closely integrated with relevant specifications. If packaging materials are not needed, they should be closely integrated with the main purpose of the order to prevent significant tolerances and clean up the geographical environment.

If consumers need large-diameter seamless steel pipes to avoid stumbling and other hazards on the surface, they can consider maintenance and installation in the middle of large-diameter seamless steel pipes. Maintenance and installation can use rubber, straw rope around the suitcase, fiber cloth, plastic, pipe cap, etc.
Due to the thin wall thickness of the large-diameter seamless pipe, preventive measures can be taken to maintain the inner fulcrum or the outer frame of the pipe. The material of the fixing bracket and the outer frame is different from the material of the large-diameter seamless pipe.

Large-diameter seamless steel pipe adopts random weighing method. If consumers require a strapping machine, they can consider it as appropriate, but the specifications and models are indispensable in the middle of 159MM to 500MM. The material of the strapping machine is strapped and firmly clamped with steel belts. Each strand should be twisted into multiple strands, and the diameter and weight of the large-diameter seamless steel pipe should be too large to avoid slack.

The seamless steel pipe manufacturer tells you that large-caliber seamless steel pipes with threaded fasteners on both sides need to be equipped with inch thread maintenance devices. Brush the edges of the wire with smooth oil or rust inhibitor. There are cracks on both sides of the large-caliber seamless steel pipe, and riser safety doors can be added on both sides as needed.

If a large-caliber seamless steel pipe(astm a53) is placed in a container, it will be installed in the container to place soft, moisture-proof fabrics and straw mats. It is very convenient for textile products to disperse large-diameter seamless steel pipes in containers, and the baler can weld them in the large-diameter seamless steel pipes.

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