Quenching process of high precision steel pipe

High-precision steel pipes In the conventional quenching method, the cold wind speed is not as fast as oil cooling, and is also lower than the isothermal and graded quenching molten salt. Therefore, increasing the pressure in the refrigerating chamber, increasing the flow rate, and applying the molar mass ratio of nitrogen to argon gas and hydrogen are common developments in vacuum absorption technology today. The vacuum carbonization temperature is generally higher than that of conventional gas carbonization. Usually, the penetration and diffusion of 920~1040 °C can be shown in two stages. It can also be used for pulse ventilation, heat preservation and multi-phase dispersion dispersion. The effect is better due to high temperature, especially surface. The clean, active, and vacuum carbonized layer formation rate is faster than conventional gas, liquid, and rapid carbonization.

This is a reinforcing material, especially the use of heat treatment to strengthen the material, which is a more important means. Second, the cold deformation enhancement contributes to the uniformity of the metal deformation, because the deformed portion of the precision steel tube is hardened, and the portion where the deformation or deformation is small continues to develop. Third, the cold deformation strength can improve the safety of the member during use, and when the member is overloaded, plastic deformation occurs, thereby preventing the member from suddenly breaking due to strength.

High-precision steel pipe products can be directly used as hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder tubes after a little honing. The traditional hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder tubes are produced by hot-rolled seamless steel tubes. Pressure combined cutting process, in the production process, a large amount of metal is cut into chips waste, while also consuming a lot of electrical energy. With the development of China's industrial technology, hydraulic cylinder technology has been widely used. According to incomplete statistics, the country needs about 3.8 million meters of hydraulic cylinders of various specifications every year. It is difficult to adapt to the production of hydraulic cylinders by using old technology. The need for production development.

With the continuous development of China's high-precision steel pipe industry, the cluster model has become the main advantage of its development. For this reason, large-scale thick-walled seamless steel pipe product trading centers are being built in various parts of China to facilitate the trading of buyers and sellers. A large number of thick-walled seamless steel pipe products produced on the market need to have such a concentrated product trading distribution center to facilitate communication and communication between various enterprises and promote the rapid development of its thick-walled seamless steel pipe industry.

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