Under what circumstances are alloy steel pipes easier to rust?

Alloy steel pipes will rust due to improper use and maintenance. Here is an analysis of the conditions under which alloy steel pipes are more likely to rust.

① When alloy steel pipe encounters other metals, the chance of rusting will be higher

The rust caused by the attachment of dissimilar metals to the alloy steel pipe is generally not very serious. You can easily remove the rust on the alloy steel pipe with a sponge or cloth, a neutral detergent or soapy water.

②When there are many harmful substances in the exhaust gas, the alloy steel pipe is also easy to cause rust

Like factories or areas with heavy traffic on urban streets, there are more harmful substances in the air, so the surface of alloy steel pipes is easily contaminated, and alloy steel pipes that have been in this situation for a long time may have small rust spots. If the pollution of the alloy steel pipe is relatively light, it can be cleaned according to the first method, and if the pollution is relatively serious, it must be cleaned by another method.

③If there is more salt in the air, it is easy to cause the rust of the alloy steel pipe.

In coastal areas, the salt content in the air is relatively high and the humidity is relatively high, and it is often hit by sea breeze, so red rust is unavoidable for alloy steel pipes. However, this kind of rust is also easy to deal with. Just follow the above method.

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