Seamless steel pipe billet quality and perforation method

The quality of seamless steel pipe(cs seamless pipe) billet requirements with the perforation process is closely linked. In the two-roller perforating machine to roll the hair tube when there is an unfavorable stress state and serious uneven deformation. Therefore, the billet on the existence of local defects through the perforation and expansion of defects caused by the internal and external surfaces of the burr tube. Especially some weak places in the old metal, i.e. non-metallic inclusions gathering and poor metal denseness, can easily cause damage to the metal through the perforation deformation. Therefore, the selection of a reasonable perforation, change the unfavorable stress state, can prevent defects, but also to reduce the requirements of seamless steel pipe billet.

The main seamless steel pipe is the card pressure type will be directly into the pipe fittings, the key ends are also prominent u-groove, can be placed into the socket parts for quick connection. In recent years, the emergence of three-roller perforating machine, guide plate perforating machine, bacterium type perforating machine is three better oblique rolling perforation; push rolling perforation (P. P. M) is a good way to perforate directly with the billet. Using these perforation methods, especially the bacterium type perforator, not only can perforate and roll continuous casting billet, but also can perforate and roll high alloy steel.

As for the perforating machine with guide plate on two rolls can also be improved by the perforating process to prevent defects from arising, thus reducing the requirements for the quality of seamless steel pipe billets.

How to increase the service life of seamless steel pipe?

We produce seamless steel pipe material is different, the elements are naturally different, in general seamless steel pipe is not easy to rust. But it is not that since the seamless steel pipe is not easy to rust we usually do not care about it, directly put it aside we can rest easy. If the seamless steel pipe is not maintained, its service life will be shortened, which will bring unnecessary losses to the seamless steel pipe factory and customers. If you want to make the life of seamless steel pipe can be longer, you should pay attention to the maintenance of seamless steel pipe in daily life.

To increase the life of seamless steel pipe in the process, the first thing is to pickle the seamless steel pipe to remove the surface oxide, and then after lubrication treatment, so that the steel pipe is pickled and passivated surface treatment, so that the surface forms a protective film. After pickling, a supplement with electrolysis method will allow the seamless steel pipe to be further protected.

Tips: During the piercing process, attention should be paid to the change of seamless pipe specification to avoid uneven deformation.

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