Advantages of seamless steel pipe cone roller piercing machine

The seamless steel pipe cone-roll piercing machine is an ancient piercing process. In the early 1980s, the cone-roll piercing machine with horizontal rolls was revived. Its process has the following advantages:
(1) Higher elongation;
(2) Greater flexibility in the size of perforated blanks;
(3) It can wear and roll high alloy steel.

Since the vertical cone-roller piercing machine with the rolls has both the technical advantages of cone-roller piercing technology and the mechanical design advantages of Diesel piercing machine, its appearance pushes the development of piercing technology to a new stage.

Since the size of the pierced blank produced by the cone-roller piercer with the vertical rolls is close to the hot-rolled finished pipe, this piercer can be used in conjunction with the tension reducer when producing smaller-diameter finished pipes without the need for rolling pipes. The machine can produce hot-rolled finished pipes. The South African TOSA seamless steel pipe plant uses this process.

South Africa’s TOSA plant began to use it for the CPS two-stage tube rolling process test, and later it was matched with the MINI-MPM rolling mill, which only uses 4 stands.
This seamless steel pipe cone roller piercing machine has the ability to pierce thin-walled hollow billets, and can be called near-net-shape piercing process equipment.

The American Fairfield Seamless Steel Tube Plant used this cone-roller piercing machine to replace the pressure piercing machine (PPM) and stretcher during its technical transformation in June 1999. After the transformation, the production efficiency and rolling line operation level have been greatly improved.
Chicago Seamless Steel Tube Academic Conference and Continuous Tube Rolling Process

If the Man Brothers obtains the first patent on the cycle rolling process
(DRPS8762), that is, February 24, 1891 as the date of the invention of the cycle rolling process, then 1991 is exactly the 100th anniversary, of course, the International Tube Association (ITA) will be held in Chicago in June 1991 The holding of the International Steel Pipe Conference and the Steel Pipe Expo is not necessarily related to the invention of the cycle pipe rolling process, because ITA holds a steel pipe fair every two years and holds a steel pipe conference at the same time. It has been a long-standing practice, and after the word "Tube" The country’s name and year are added as signs.

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