What are the problems of seamless steel pipe in the transportation medium and installation process?

It can be said that more and more industrial companies will use seamless steel pipes(astm a53 grade b). Some companies have also found that in the process of using this kind of pipe, there may be a situation of corrosion sometimes. For the corrosion that occurs, the company The relevant person in charge also wants to know why such a situation occurs, and how to deal with it if it is corroded in transportation is extremely critical. We also all know that the seamless steel pipes used by most companies at present are composed of two important parts: the conveying sensor and the conveying converter, and among them are the original parts for transportation, electrode coils and shells.

According to industry professionals, the transmission signal generated by seamless steel pipes during transportation is very weak, so it must be ensured that the key parts of the pipe must be grounded and the liquid must be conductive. The liquid should not contain too much ferromagnetic material or air bubbles. Therefore, when some companies generally use pipes, one of the reasons why transportation errors occur is that on the one hand, the conductivity of the transported liquid is relatively poor, which may cause the instability of pipe transportation, and the other On the one hand, the transported liquid has not been processed in advance, and it contains more ferromagnetic substances or bubbles. Such a situation will also cause the pipe to be blocked in transportation.

Therefore, professionals in the industry also give you certain suggestions, that is, before using the pipe to transport the medium, the company should perform an advance treatment of the transported medium in advance. On the one hand, the conductivity of the medium can be improved through treatment, which can help the pipe to be transported more accurately. On the other hand, the ferromagnetic substance in the medium should be treated in advance to avoid excessive impurities on the pipe. The transportation process causes a greater impact. In addition, when installing seamless steel pipes, you should stay away from places with vibrations, or places with high magnetism, and avoid pipes, because improper installation may cause errors in the transportation of pipes. As long as the above aspects can be guaranteed, the reliability of the pipe is basically very stable.

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