Where is the steel sleeve direct buried insulation pipe mainly suitable for?

The steel sleeve direct-buried thermal insulation pipe is suitable for high-temperature steam pipelines for central heating in cities and towns, as well as high-temperature thermal pipelines for petroleum, chemical, electric power and other industrial sectors. It is generally suitable for conveying steam whose temperature is between 150°C and 350°C and working pressure is less than 1.6Mpa, buried in the ground at a depth of 1-2m.

Steel sleeve direct buried insulation pipe is mainly used for steam heating

Steel sleeve direct-buried insulation pipe (steel sleeve steel direct-buried laying technology) is a new waterproof, leak-proof, impermeable, pressure-resistant and fully enclosed burying technology. It is a steel sleeve steel direct-buried laying technology in areas with high groundwater levels. A big breakthrough in use. It is a combination of steel pipe for conveying medium, anti-corrosion outer steel pipe, and ultra-fine glass wool filled between the steel pipe and outer steel pipe.

insulation pipe insulation structure.

External sliding type: The heat preservation structure is composed of working steel pipe, glass wool heat preservation and heat insulation layer, aluminum foil reflection layer, stainless steel fastening tape, sliding guide bracket, air heat preservation layer, outer protection steel pipe, and outer anticorrosion layer.

Anti-corrosion layer: protect the outer steel pipe from corrosive substances and prolong the service life of the steel pipe.

Steel sleeve direct buried insulation pipe has the following advantages:

1. Waterproof, leakproof, impermeable, pressure resistant, good sealing performance and high mechanical strength.

2. High temperature and high pressure resistance, good stability, applicable medium temperature 350℃, pressure 1.6Mpa;

3. Low heat consumption and good heat preservation effect;

4. Strong anti-corrosion ability, high strength of anti-corrosion layer, not easy to damage;

5.Long service life, up to 25 years;

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