Thermal spraying production technology of seamless pipe

Development trend of metal surface treatment technology and thermal spraying technology of seamless pipe

Metal surface treatment technology and thermal spraying technology are after surface preparatory treatment, according to seamless pipe surface coating, surface modification materials or a variety of metal surface treatment technical composite solutions, change the surface layer of seamless pipe and non-metallic material surface layer. Shape, organic chemical composition and tissue structure and geostress profile for automated control of the necessary surface properties.

The seamless pipe metal surface treatment project integrates the basic knowledge, technology and new results of several industries. Metal surface treatment technology is because a layer of coating or plastic film is produced on the surface of the raw material of the base material, or many unique characteristics are given to the raw material according to the surface modification material, so that the surface characteristics of the raw material are much better than that of the raw material base material, not only can be greatly broadened It is the main use of base material raw materials, and solves the problem that raw materials cannot meet the natural environment regulations in many industries. Metal surface treatment technology plays an irreplaceable key role in dealing with the same problems encountered in human development, such as resources, power energy, and natural environment.

The metal surface treatment technology of seamless pipe and thermal spraying technology are environmentally friendly, energy-saving, energy-saving and emission-reduction measures, thus maintaining the indispensable precious resources for people, and also having a very important effect on ecological environmental protection. In the 21st century, the technology of metal surface treatment will penetrate into various fields, promote social civilization and improve the quality of daily life.

Thermal spraying technology is a key branch in metal surface treatment. It heats certain kinds of strip and powder raw materials to a melting or semi-melting state according to pyrogens such as flame, electric isolation and plasma technology, and will accelerate the process. The resulting droplets are sprayed towards the substrate at high speed to produce a coating. The coating has excellent properties such as wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and thermal insulation, which can restore the seamless pipe specification reduction caused by wear, corrosion or production and processing deviation. The key to the application of thermal spraying technology includes four levels: high-efficiency anti-corrosion, mechanical equipment recovery and intelligent manufacturing technology, mold production and recovery, and production and manufacturing of unique functional coatings. At this stage, thermal spraying technology has been widely used in basically all industrial production industries and their household products (such as non-stick pans, infrared induction health care electric water heaters, etc.).

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