Analysis of the types and characteristics of steel pipe piles

Steel pipe piling are commonly used components in the construction of bridge pile foundations. It has the advantages of high bearing capacity, flexible piling and fast construction speed. For complex terrain, steel pipe piles are more suitable for this environment.

1. Steel pile type
①Types of steel piles There are currently three types of steel piles commonly used in engineering construction, namely steel pipe piles, profile steel piles, and steel sheet piling.
②Type I and H-shaped steel piles belong to the more common cross-sectional shapes of steel-shaped piles. Both I-type and H-shaped steel piles can be used in horizontal load and vertical load bearing.
③The steel sheet pile has many forms, and the shape of the interface grooves on both sides is different. After the second sheet pile is in place, take the notch on the side of the first sheet pile as the driving position. In this way, multiple sheet piles can form a relatively complete sheet along the coast (or river bank) Pile wall. In addition, a group of steel sheet piles can also be used to form a survey, or as a temporary support protection during the excavation of the foundation pit.

2. Analysis of the characteristics of steel pipe piles
①The bearing capacity is strong, and the steel pipe piles used in the project construction at this stage are mostly low-carbon steel. The material is strong in strength, tension, compression and other aspects, and after being processed into steel pipes, its level of bending resistance is relatively high, and it is suitable for application in geological environments with strong bearing layers. , So that its force-bearing characteristics can be fully exerted.
②It is easy to adjust the pile length and improve economic efficiency. The conventional length of each section of steel pipe pile is 6 m, and the length is connected by welding. If the buried depth of the bearing layer changes, the steel pipe pile can be welded according to the pile sinking situation. Or cutting. In addition, the cut out part of the steel pipe pile can also be used in welding other steel pipe piles, which avoids the waste of resources, and can also accurately control the design elevation of the pile top, which is beneficial to the construction.
③The soil squeezing situation is slight. Most of the steel pipe piles are of open type, and the pipe wall of the steel pipe piles is thin, which reduces the uplift of the topsoil and the squeezed soil, and reduces the interference of the pressed piles on the soil and surrounding facilities, and Steel pipe piles can also be intensively constructed in a small area.

Therefore, through the classification of steel piles and the characteristics of steel piles explained above, everyone can better understand and use them reasonably, thereby improving the quality of construction.

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