General problems of wall thickness control of longitudinal seamless steel pipes

Montelateci in "Application of Automatic Control Software Package for Seamless Steel Tube Rolling Process in Steel Tube Plant"
In the article, when discussing the basic idea of the process control software package, it is stated that some control functions of a seamless steel pipe rolling mill can be assigned to a certain unit without considering the operation of other units on the rolling line, while other control functions are To play the role of overall coordination, unify and coordinate all the pipe rolling operation status of the pipe rolling mill, and combine them in a single system. This is the seamless steel pipe wall thickness control software package, which is applied to the wall thickness control of the continuous rolling pipe mill The software package has the following basic functions:

(1) Pre-test and post-adjustment of pipes in the continuous rolling and expansion reduction zone;

(2) On-line rapid adjustment of motors in continuous rolling and tension reduction zone;

(3) On-line rapid adjustment performed by the hydraulic cabin in the continuous rolling area.

This wall thickness control software package has the following three adjustment methods:
(1) Batch setting adjustment method Before rolling each batch of steel pipes, the process and equipment parameters should be set and calculated. The parameter closely related to the wall thickness is the roll gap setting, which is embodied in the position parameters of the hydraulic pressing device. The setting of this parameter takes into account the roll gap setting of each stand rolling mill, mechanical geometric parameters, stand elasticity coefficient and rolling force, etc. It is the benchmark parameter for controlling the wall thickness of the steel pipe.

(2) Adaptive control mode The seamless steel tube continuous rolling mill and the tension reducer both have feedback control functions, that is, the average value of the measured wall thickness of the upper three steel tubes after rolling is compared with the target wall thickness, and the setting is set according to the comparison result The adjustment parameters of the steel tube are modified to be used for rolling the next steel tube; the tension reduction machine also has a feed-forward function, that is, the wall thickness value measured after the continuous rolling mill is compared with the population wall thickness value used in the calculation of the tension reduction machine , According to the comparison result, modify the setting parameters of the stretch reduction machine.

(3) Hydraulic cabin control method The hydraulic cabin control method can dynamically adjust the roll gap during the seamless steel pipe rolling process, and can also perform pressure compensation control to reduce the longitudinal seamless steel pipe wall thickness deviation.


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