Why is the wear resistance of wear-resistant pipes better than ordinary steel pipes?

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene wear-resistant pipe is a new type of engineering pipe fittings with excellent comprehensive performance. It can be widely used in conveying various powders, slurries, fluids and gases, and has a broad market potential. In order to solve the problem of large-scale, multi-variety industrial material transportation and prevent serious pipeline wear, corrosion, scaling and other problems, it shows a bright prospect. UHMWPE wear-resistant pipes are characterized by a static friction coefficient of 0.07, which can be used in concentrated hydrochloric acid at 80°C, and their performance is stable in 75% concentrated sulfuric acid and 20% deacidification. It has a certain degree of ductility at a low temperature of -269℃. The production and processing of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene products belong to a low-carbon environmental protection industry, and there is no waste water, waste gas, or waste residue; the carbon dioxide emissions during the production process are low, only 15% of the carbon dioxide emissions from the production of steel, which is more than traditional steel products 20% energy saving. When the impact is not large in the working condition, the UHMWPE wear-resistant pipe can improve the wear resistance and the price is lower than that of steel. It has been widely used in power plant coal grinding, coal crushing equipment, coal conveying system coal drop tube and boiler elbows and nozzles, and the wear resistance effect is relatively obvious.

1. Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene wear-resistant pipe has the highest impact resistance, environmental stress resistance, cracking ability and scratch resistance ability of all kinds of pipe fittings. Its extraordinary flexibility allows it to resist without the need for composite steel pipes. Various external impacts, deformation of the earth's crust, and safer and more reliable than steel pipes.

2. Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene wear-resistant pipe is a saturated molecular cluster structure, with very stable chemical properties, resistant to corrosion by various corrosive media and organic solvents, and more corrosion resistant than polyethylene, nylon, ABS and other pipe fittings

3. Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene wear-resistant pipe has non-adhesive properties. Its chemical and physical polarity is lower than that of ordinary pipe fittings, and of course lower than that of metal materials, so ordinary adhesives have no effect on the pipe. Similarly, fouling substances are difficult to adhere. As long as the slurry flow rate reaches 2.3 to 4.6 m/s, scaling is difficult to form. Even if it accumulates slowly for a long time to form a scale layer, it is not firm and easy to remove.

4. The theoretical service life of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene wear-resistant pipes can reach several hundred years, and the aging speed and embrittlement speed are very slow. After 50 years of buried use, its mechanical properties are only reduced by about 20%, and the ultra-high pipe anti-aging performance Better than PE100, the anti-aging performance of polyethylene pipe is about 1/4 higher than that of PE100 pipe, and the anti-ultraviolet performance is the same as PE100.

5. The friction coefficient of UHMWPE wear-resistant pipes is only 1/6 that of new steel pipes, 1/5 of ordinary polyethylene, and 1/20 of pipe fittings. Moreover, the ultra-high wear resistance, non-stick, and corrosion resistance can keep the pipe wall smooth and unobstructed, and the flow capacity is generally more than 50% higher than that of the steel pipe, so that the transmission system can maintain a low pressure and unobstructed state for a long time.

6. Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene wear-resistant pipelines are suitable for source oil gathering and transportation pipelines. Because most of the source oil gathering and transportation pipelines are laid in remote areas, the terrain and geomorphology are complicated, and the climate change is large. Light weight, convenient installation and construction, strong low temperature resistance, and anti-aging, so the advantages of laying source oil gathering and transportation pipelines are more prominent.


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