What is the scope of application of PHC pipe piles?

The pipe pile foundation is the most widely used foundation form in the deep foundation, which consists of several piles submerged in the soil and a cap or cap beam connecting the top of the pile.

The role of the pile is to transfer the load of the upper building to the deep soil layer with strong bearing capacity, or to compact the weak soil layer to improve the bearing capacity and compactness of the foundation soil.

Classification of pipe piles:

Prefabricated piles: According to the method of sinking into the soil, it can be divided into driven piles, hydraulic piles, vibration piles and static pressure piles.

Cast-in-place pile: It is a pile formed by forming a hole at the pile position, placing a steel skeleton, and then pouring concrete. Cast-in-place piles include bored cast-in-place piles, dig-hole cast-in-place piles, punched cast-in-place piles, and immersed cast-in-place piles according to different hole-forming methods.

Features of PHC pipe piles:

1) It is produced in strict accordance with the national standard GB13476-92 and the Japanese JISA 5337 standard, and its concrete strength grade is not lower than C80 grade;

2) The single pile has high bearing capacity and wide design range. In the same building foundation, pipe piles of different diameters can be used, which is easy to solve the problem of pile arrangement and can give full play to the bearing capacity of each pile;

3) A single school can be connected to any length, not limited by construction machinery capacity and construction conditions;

4) The pile quality is reliable, and the pile length and pile body quality can be monitored by direct means after pile driving;

5) The pile body has good resistance to hammering and cracking, and has strong penetrating power;

6) Low cost. Its unit bearing capacity price is only 1/3-2/3 of steel piles, and steel is saved;

7) Fast construction speed and civilized construction.

Application of pipe pile:

1) Prestressed high-strength concrete pipe piles and prestressed concrete pipe piles are suitable for the foundation of industrial and civil buildings; they can also be used in the foundation design of railways, highways and bridges, ports, water conservancy, municipalities, structures and other projects.

2) Prestressed concrete thin-walled pipe piles are suitable for the foundation of industrial and civil buildings.

3) PHC pipe piles and PC piles are suitable for areas where the seismic fortification intensity is not greater than 7 degrees; if they are used in areas with high seismic fortification intensity, they need to be checked separately.

4) PTC piles are suitable for areas with seismic fortification intensity less than 7 degrees, and areas with seismic fortification intensity of 7 degrees need to be checked separately; PTC piles should not be used in areas with seismic fortification intensity greater than 7 degrees.


1. When the environmental and geological conditions of the foundation project are corrosive to the pipe pile, effective technical measures should be taken.

2. Pipe piles are mainly considered to bear vertical loads.

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