What kind of billet is more suitable for production of hot-rolled and cold-drawn seamless steel pipe

Tube billet is the billet for the production of seamless steel pipes, and the most widely used in my country are round continuous casting billets and rolling billets. According to the production method of tube billet, it can be divided into: ingot, continuous cast billet, rolled billet, segment billet and hollow cast billet.

Hot-rolled seamless steel tube production line tube billet selection criteria

①The hot-rolled seamless steel pipe production line should use continuous casting round tube billets as raw materials. When special steel grades are produced or special production processes are adopted, other billet supply methods such as rolling billets, forging billets, polygonal steel chains and electroslag chains can be used. .

②The technical conditions of the tube billet shall comply with the relevant regulations of the current industry standard "Continuous Casting Round Tube Billet" YB/T4149.

Selection criteria for pipe materials for cold-rolled and cold-drawn seamless steel pipe production lines

①The pipe material for the cold-rolled cold-drawn seamless steel pipe production line is directly selected from the qualified pipe material produced by the hot-rolled seamless steel pipe production line.

②The size of the pipe material should be close to the size of the cold-rolled and cold-drawn finished steel pipe.

The correct selection and use of tube blanks can play a time-saving and efficient role in production, and produce low-cost, high-quality seamless steel pipe products.

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