Why does 35crmo welded pipe appear trachoma during welding?

What is the cause of trachoma in the welding process of 35crmo welded pipe?
In the whole process of welding production, 35crmo welded pipe can easily show many situations such as missing welding and misalignment. But in this case, it is more difficult to grasp the trachoma at the butt weld of the 35crmo welded pipe. Trachoma: Particles or air bubbles that have not been completely penetrated on the surface or inside of the welded pipe during the welding process, and pits that look like small stones appear on the surface of the welded pipe.

Causes of trachoma:
1) During the welding process of 35crmo welded pipe, the current supplied to the welding machine is too small, the capacitor time is too short, and the surface of the steel pipe has been hardened before the welding is deep, so there are small stones or bubbles that have not been penetrated;
2) The hot-rolled strip is not connected well when it enters the long knife shape to adjust the inclination, the hot-rolled strip connection is not tightly closed, and there is too much free space in the middle of the connection of the hot-rolled strip;
3) When connecting the 35crmo welded pipe, the rust or scale on both sides of the 35crmo welded pipe was not immediately combed;
4) The production machinery and equipment were not inspected immediately. The floating dust or stains on the worktable fall into the welding gap connecting the 35crmo welded pipe by mistake, and then affect the temperature and dry humidity of the welding point.
Therefore, in order to deal with this problem very well, it is necessary to carry out protective measures according to the causes of trachoma in 35crmo welded pipes, so as to prevent trachoma from the source of 35crmo welded pipes during the welding process.

Tips: the cs seamless pipe is a capillary tube perforated by a steel ingot or a solid tube blank, and then hot rolled, cold rolled or cold drawn. The 35crmo welded pipe is made of steel strip or steel plate after being bent into a circular shape, and then welded into a steel pipe with surface joints, and the tube blank is made of steel plate or steel strip.

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