Quality control of erw steel pipe

The quality of the erw steel pipe in the production determines its quality in use, and the stamping temperature of the blank varies depending on the material. The temperature of the thermally expanded welded pipe is about 1200°C. When the carbon content and other alloying elements are larger, the temperature is slightly lower. The second key to heating operation is to minimize the amount of scale, especially in hot pinch pipes, the resistance of thermal expansion welded pipes will become more and more serious in terms of the life of the object and the surface quality of the pinch pipe.

In the production process of erw steel pipe, each processing is carried out at high temperature, so the heating operation is a very important process to determine the quality of the product. According to their functions, heating furnaces can be divided into continuous heating furnaces and chamber heating furnaces. The former is used to heat the slab from room temperature to the processing temperature, while the latter is used to heat the slab to the desired processing temperature during processing.

The erw steel pipe is different from the ordinary welded pipe welding process. The welding seam is formed by melting the base material of the steel strip body, and the mechanical strength is better than that of the ordinary welded pipe. The appearance is smooth, the precision is high, and the cost is low. Generally used for circulating cooling water pipelines, pressure drainage pipelines and rainwater pipelines in workshops and high-rise buildings, etc.

Ordinary welded pipes are generally used to transport low-pressure liquids. They are made of Q195A, Q215A, Q235A steel, and can also be made of other low-carbon steels. The steel pipe should have words such as pressure, bending, and flattening. The wall thickness rules are divided into ordinary steel pipes and thickened steel pipes, and are distinguished by endpoints, which can be divided into threaded pipes and unthreaded pipes.

No need for welding machine and welding wire resistance erw steel pipe pairing, no need to cross the ground, no need to paint, eliminate the complex construction process such as traditional fusion welding, simply connect the pipe and the pipe, the theoretical weight of the straight pipe joint threaded round steel pipe After positioning with the junction box and pipe joint, use special tools to tighten (screw) screws, high-frequency resistance welding junction box and female lock are adjustable.

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