What are the technical requirements of the national standard fluid seamless steel pipe?

The technical requirements for seamless steel pipes for national standard fluids mainly include the following aspects:
1.Chemical composition: stipulate the maximum content of acrobatic elements in the chemical composition of various steels.
2.Geometric dimensional accuracy: including outer diameter, wall thickness, length tolerance and bending degree of fixed-length pipe; diameter accuracy reflects the ovality of seamless steel pipe for fluid, and wall thickness accuracy reflects the wall of seamless steel pipe for fluid Thickness uniformity.
3.Surface quality: specify the internal and external surface conditions of seamless steel pipes for fluids and the degree of allowable defects on the surface.
4.Physical and chemical properties: mechanical properties at room temperature, mechanical properties at a certain temperature and corrosion resistance (anti-oxidation, anti-water erosion, anti-acid and alkali properties).
5.Process performance: flattening, flaring, crimping and welding performance.
6.Metallographic structure: including low power structure and high power structure.
7.Special requirements for fluid steel pipes for special purposes.

Tips:ASTM A500 (Also known as A-500) carbon steel tubing is a standard specification for cold-formed welded and seamless carbon steel structural tubing in round, square and rectangular shapes.
ASTM A500 Grade B:
Tensile Strength:       58,000 psi (min)
Yield Strength:          46,000 psi (min)
Elongation:               23%


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