Advantages of prefabricated piping spools

The main advantages of prefabricated piping spools
1. In a controlled environment, the quality of work is easier to manage and maintain.

2. Due to the high accuracy, the specified tolerance can avoid on-site rework.
3. Manufacturing is not affected by weather, so production delays can be minimized.
4. The prefabrication process is the biggest advantage, because it provides less labor for on-site manufacturing of spools.
5. Compared with on-site manufacturing, the manufacturing cost of mass production is lower.
6. Prefabricated spools require less manufacturing and assembly time, so that extra time and cost waste can be avoided.
7. The prefabricated spool does not require the user's investment in production and testing equipment. In order to obtain better and more effective performance, radiography, PMI, MPI, ultrasonic testing, hydraulic testing, etc. can be used.
8. In order to reduce the possibility of on-site rework, the welding parameters must be better controlled in a controlled environment.
9. Power availability is not required.
10. Avoid unnecessary time delay.

The main disadvantages of prefabricated piping spools
Prefabricated pipe shafts have many advantages, but the main disadvantage is that they cannot be installed on site. This problem can lead to terrible results. A small error in the pre-production of the tube shaft can cause the system in the work environment to be unsuitable and cause huge problems. When this problem occurs, the pressure test and X-ray of the weld must be checked again, and the weld must be re-welded.

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