What should be paid attention to when excavating steel sheet pile foundation pit?

After the steel sheet pile construction starts, how can the foundation pit be excavated, and what matters should be paid attention to when the foundation pit is excavated?

1. After the steel sheet pile construction is completed, use a long-arm excavator to excavate the foundation pit.
2. When the excavation of the foundation pit reaches about 1 meter, the steel sheet pile shall be supported by the profiled steel enclosure.
3. Tips from steel sheet pile manufacturers: Use full-length H-shaped channel steel for the support of the surrounding purlin, and use 300 steel pipes as the internal transverse support and the H-shaped channel steel surrounding purlin to be welded firmly.
4. After confirming that the purlin is firmly supported, continue to excavate the foundation pit until the bottom of the designed excavation.
5. After confirming that the steel sheet pile support of the foundation pit is stable and firm, manually excavate and level the bottom of the foundation pit.
6. During the excavation of the foundation pit, the displacement of precipitation and sheet piles shall be observed and tested regularly and recorded.
7. After the excavation of the foundation pit, it is generally not suitable to pile heavy objects on the side of the pit. If it is necessary to pile heavy objects, it should not exceed the design load of the steel sheet pile.
8. Before excavation of the foundation pit, a work area should be delineated on the construction site and safety signs should be set up.
9. It is strictly forbidden to use broken, damaged, twisted, deformed and corroded steel for the supporting materials.
10. The above unmentioned matters will be temporarily resolved on site, and other safety precautions will be added on site.

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