Analysis of Anti-corrosion Test Report of Spiral Welded Pipe

Spiral welded pipes will be accompanied by inspection reports, just like the material list of steel pipes. It mainly represents the quality of the steel pipe and whether it has met the standard. Once there is a problem, the manufacturer of the anti-corrosion steel pipe needs to be responsible. Normally this This kind of quotation is usually tested by the manufacturer. If the purchaser is a third party to perform the test, each area has a certain test agency, but it needs to bear a certain cost. Usually the purchaser bears the cost, and the test cost in each area is not equal. The cost is determined based on the number of tests.

The role of the anti-corrosion layer is to protect the steel pipe. The anti-corrosion layer can delay the corrosion of the steel pipe by acid, alkali and other chemicals. Under the protection of the anti-corrosion layer, the service life of the steel pipe can be extended by 10 times. The anti-corrosion material has excellent light resistance and mechanical strength. , Excellent resistance to environmental stress cracking, good electrical properties, sufficient resistance to cathodic disbondment and resistance to environmental aging. At present, anti-corrosion steel pipes are widely used in pipeline anti-corrosion projects. Especially in the urban gas pipeline network, which is in densely populated areas, the safety and reliability of the pipeline is very important. In order to ensure the overall quality, the choice of 3PE anti-corrosion materials shows its importance.

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