Analysis of the Advantages and Characteristics of Anticorrosive Spiral Steel Pipe

The outer layer is composed of three anti-corrosion coatings: epoxy resin on the bottom, adhesive in the middle, and polytinine on the outside. The inner wall is sprayed with epoxy powder. After high-temperature heating, the powder is evenly coated on the surface of the pipe to form a steel-plastic composite layer, which greatly improves the adhesion and thickness of the coating. Improved anti-knock and corrosion resistance. Below we discuss the advantages and characteristics of anti-corrosion spiral steel pipe.

The steel pipe has excellent elongation, completeness and convenient construction and operation. Suitable for underground laying, can be used for overhead construction, river inverted siphon and pipe jacking construction. The inner and outer surfaces of steel pipes and fittings are coated with a layer of anti-corrosion layer, which is the most convenient and most commonly used protection method.

The steel-plastic composite pipe with internal and external protection is cost-effective and is a combination of the excellent performance of steel pipe and plastic pipe. It not only has the strength and rigidity of steel pipe, but also has chemical resistance, no pollution, smooth inner wall, no scale and no fluid. Low resistance and other advantages can effectively prevent secondary pollution of water quality and improve the quality of water delivery.

Polyethylene and epoxy resin have excellent corrosion resistance, but they are both thermoplastic materials with good flexibility and impact resistance. Due to the poor durability of non-polar molecules attached to the steel pipe, epoxy resin is a polar molecule and has a hydroxyl group that easily reacts with the steel pipe at a certain temperature, and has strong adhesion due to the adhesion of non-polar molecules . Poor power. NG to steel pipe. Therefore, thermosetting materials are not resistant to knocking.

Therefore, the combination of the two materials belongs to the best combination of the current anti-corrosion industry. The steel pipe coating industry originated from polyazide inside and outside. Due to the poor adhesion between polyethylene and the steel pipe matrix, it will develop into internal and external epoxy resin, but the external epoxy layer is not resistant to collision. Later developed into the third generation of internal and external epoxy polyethylene. However, there were still adhesion problems between the single-layer polyethylene and the steel pipe, and it was eventually upgraded to the fourth generation. Anticorrosive spiral steel pipe is called anticorrosive spiral steel pipe.

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